Collection containers and press machines

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Should carton packaging be flattened before it is put into a press machine?

Yes, it should. It is important to always flatten carton packaging, including when putting it into a press machine. Large cardboard boxes that have not been flattened are particularly likely to cause the machine to become jammed. Very large cardboard boxes (e.g. those used for furniture and large electronics) should also be cut into smaller pieces before being put in the machine.

Why is the press machine opening so high up?

There are legal requirements for the size and height of the opening, including its
minimum height and the safety distance to moving parts. The opening also needs to
make climbing into the container difficult.

In devices that are used by the public, the safety distances are well exceeded for the sake of added safety. Unfortunately, user friendliness has to be compromised for reasons of safety.

The size and place of the opening complies with the safety requirements and also prevents vandalism and stops people from putting the wrong materials into the container. At worst, the wrong materials can ruin an entire collection batch.

How do I use the press machines for plastic and carton packaging?

Carton packaging: Flatten cartons and push them through the opening to ensure that as much material as possible can be processed at one time. Press the green start button if the machine has one. If there is no start button, the machine will start on its own. The machine will stop automatically.

Plastic packaging: Do not stack different types of plastic packaging inside each other. Remove tops and lids and put them into the container separately. You can, however, put plastic packaging in a plastic carrier bag. Push the packaging into the container. Press the green start button if the machine has one. If there is no start button, the machine will start on its own. The machine will stop automatically.

Why are the openings of the containers so small?

Rinki eco take-back points are for household packaging waste. Safety is the main reason why we chose the particular containers and the sizes of their openings. For example, small openings ensure that no one can climb into a container, which could result in serious injuries.

If the containers had large openings, people could put things other than packaging waste into them, such as large objects or mixed waste, and this would make recycling more difficult. The containers would also be filled too quickly if waste other than packaging was placed in them.

This would cause littering and inconvenience for people recycling their packaging as the containers would not have room for packaging wasteThis would also be the case if the openings were large enough for material to be taken out; waste would be left on the ground.

We understand that it can be frustrating if you cannot put large quantities of materials into the containers in one go. The size of the openings was carefully considered and they are deemed to be the best way to ensure successful recycling. Conscientious recyclers will be happy to know that the right type of waste is recycled.