Definitions of packaging

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Why is biodegradable plastic packaging reported with plastics? And what do we do with compostable packaging that can be disposed of as biowaste?

Biodegradable plastic packaging and packaging made from bio-based plastic are plastic packaging and are, therefore, included in the volume of plastic packaging placed on the market. The producer is also responsible for compostable packaging, and for this reason such packaging should be sorted according to the main material, i.e. packaging made of biodegradable plastic is collected with plastic packaging.

Which is the main material in an IBC, plastic or steel?

The plastic container and metal frame of an IBC are reported as separate packaging even if tools are required to separate them. The plastic container is reported on the plastic tab on the form in the B2B packaging section, and the metal frame on the metal tab in the B2B packaging section.

Are rolls or tubes packaging?

Yes if a flexible material is wound around them, such as plastic film, aluminium foil or paper. Rolls and tubes are not packaging when they are intended to be a part of production equipment and are not used, for instance, in the selling or transport of a product.

Are one-way tableware and cutlery packaging?

Disposable tableware, such as plates and cups, are packaging if used, for instance, to pack food. Empty disposable tableware on sale constitutes products and not packaging. Disposable cutlery, such as forks, knives and spoons, are not packaging.

What is packaging for consumers?

Packaging for consumers refers to product packaging that goes to consumers or households, such as sales packaging and certain grouped and transport packaging.

What is transport packaging?

Transport packaging is used to supplement sales or grouped packaging that is used in the transport of products. Examples include a wooden, plastic or corrugated board pallet, a metal roller cage, a corrugated board, plastic or wooden box, a plastic pallet hood and metal or plastic strapping. Note that containers with a volume of over 1000 litres used in road, rail, sea and air transport are not classed as packaging.

What is grouped packaging?

Grouped packaging is packaging supplementing sales packaging that is intended to pack a product group. Grouped packaging may be used only at the point of sale or a product group may be sold collated in grouped packaging. Grouped packaging containing products packed in sales packaging may be intended for consumers or companies. Examples include a corrugated cardboard tray, a display rack as well as a plastic or carton wrap, for instance, to collate beer cans.

What is sales packaging?

Sales packaging is intended to pack a product intended for sale. Examples include a milk carton, a cereal box, a laundry detergent bottle, a food can, a paint pail and a herring can.

What is packaging?

Packaging is defined in the Council of State decree (518/2014) and its annex. Packaging preserves and protects a product and enables its handling and transport from producer to consumer or another user. Packaging provides information on the product helps sell and market a product and facilitates in-store display of a product. All components that reinforce or are attached to packaging, such as labels, are deemed to be packaging. In addition, any product or one-way product that fulfils the tasks of even one form of packaging is deemed to be packaging.