Glass packaging


Where can I put deposit glass bottles?

Return them to the reverse vending machines located at supermarkets or Alko shops, while you can return non-deposit glass bottles to Rinki eco take-back points.

Can I put glass graveside candleholders into the container for glass packaging?

No, you cannot. Some graveside candleholders are made of non-recyclable borosilicate glass and some may contain lead glass, which are not suitable for recycling. To ensure the quality of the glass collected, no graveside candleholders made of glass should be put into the container. You can put the metal covers of candleholders as well as tin jars for outdoor fires and aluminium tea light cases into the container for metal packaging.

Why are only bottles and jars allowed in the glass packaging container?

Drinking glasses, coffee pots, oven dishes, porcelain, ceramics and window or mirror glass are not allowed into the container since glass packaging will be reused in new glass packaging.

There are certain quality requirements for the recycled material used in the industrial process, which is the reason that only glass bottles and jars are suitable for recycling.
The properties of other glass materials prevent them from being used in recycling. For example, their melting points vary, or they have other properties that make them impossible or difficult to be recycled.