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Why are the statistics on Rinki’s website so old?

Rinki’s packaging statistics are the official statistics. Pirkanmaa ELY Centre submits statistics on the volumes of packaging used in Finland to the European Commission no later than 18 months after the end of the statistical year. The reporting is based on Commission Decision 2005/270/EC.

What is meant by recovery?

The concept of recovery covers recycling, which means the use of waste material as a raw material to make new products, as well as the recovery of energy from waste. The delivery of waste to a take-back point does not constitute recovery. Mere sorting is not recovery, but merely the first step in the process of recovery.

What is meant by reuse?

Reuse is the use of packaging that has already been used once and not become waste, for the same purpose. This occurs, for instance, when beverage bottles, plastic and cardboard boxes, roller cages, barrels and wooden pallets are used again to pack products.

What is meant by recycling?

Recycling means using waste materials as raw materials for new products. Examples include corrugated cardboard boxes or carton packaging used for cores for the paper industry, or drink cans used for new cans. Preparation for reuse is considered to be recycling; this includes, for example, preparing, or repairing, FIN and EUR pallets so that they can be reused.

Why is the Grüne Punkt (Green Dot) symbol not used in Finland?

The Green Dot symbol was originally the trademark of the German company, Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD). The Green Dot symbol is managed by the Pro Europe organisation and its use is subject to a charge. The Green Dot symbol has spread quite extensively in Europe as the symbol is commonly used to show that the user belongs to the national recovery and recycling scheme of its country. The symbol is not used in Finland as protection under the said symbol is not considered necessary. One may sometimes see the symbol on the packaging of imported products, but it has no significance in Finland. The Rinki trademark is used in Finland and companies registered with Rinki have the right to use it. A company using the Rinki trademark conveys the message that the company is meeting its statutory producer responsibility for the packaging it has placed on the market in Finland.

I do not have a password for the extranet service. What should I do?

The Extranet can be accessed by company’s contact persons whose details have given to Rinki; the contact persons’ details can be updated at any time on the Extranet.

Logging in to the Extranet is easy: the service is accessed using an email address and a one-time PIN code, which will be sent by email and, if necessary, to mobile number via an SMS message when you log in. An SMS message can only be sent if the mobile number is saved in our register.

Rinki’s business customer service team is happy to advise and help with any queries you may have concerning packaging data reporting: tel. +358 9 6162 3500, info@rinkiin.fi.

The service is available at: extranet.rinkiin.fi

What to do when the contact person changes?

The company should inform Rinki of the change of the contact person. The new contact person should be advised of their duties, or they can contact Rinki’s customer service team. We will be happy to inform the new contact person of any matters specific to Rinki and producer responsibility.

What to do when there are changes in the company?

If the company’s name, company ID or address change or there are any changes in its ownership, it is important that the company’s contact person informs Rinki of the changes as soon as possible in order to ensure smooth collaboration. Companies should also inform Rinki if they close their operations or go bankrupt.