Producer responsibility for packaging

pakkausten tuottajavastuu

Who is the producer from the standpoint of packaging?

From the standpoint of packaging producers are companies that pack or import packed products for the Finnish market and who have a turnover of EUR 1m or more. Finnish companies are predominantly the companies with producer responsibility for packaging. According to the position taken by the Pirkanmaa ELY Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, as of 1.5.2015 a producer is deemed to be a company that meets the following conditions:

  1. The company has a Finnish business ID and at least one location on the mainland of Finland.
  2. The company has a turnover of EUR 1m or more.
  3. The company packs products in Finland or is an importer of packed products for the Finnish market.

A foreign company or its affiliate that is registered with the Finnish Trade Register is under producer responsibility obligations if all the conditions mentioned above are fulfilled.

Please note: A Finnish company is also under producer responsibility obligations in terms of packaging of products that it purchases from a foreign company, even if that foreign company does not fulfil all the conditions mentioned above.

What is producer responsibility?

Producer responsibility means the obligation placed on a producer to organise reuse, recycling and other waste management of the waste arising from products and to meet the costs incurred in these activities. In the Waste Act producer responsibility applies to companies that place tyres for motorised vehicles, cars, electrical and electronic devices, batteries and accumulators, wastepaper and packaging on the market in Finland regardless of their sales practices.