Rinki eco take-back points


Why do Rinki eco take-back points only accept packaging?

Rinki eco take-back points are only for the collection of household packaging. This is based on a statutory producer responsibility, which specifically applies to packaging.

Companies that pack products in Finland or import packed products for the Finnish market and have a turnover of at least one million euros are responsible for recycling packaging made of glass, metal, carton and plastic. Such companies bear so-called producer responsibility, which means that the packaging materials that have entered the Finnish market with products must be collected and recycled, and they must be reused in the production of new products. This responsibility is based on EU and Finnish legislation.

The operations are financed by recycling fees paid by the producers. If other types of waste were taken to Rinki eco take-back points, the recycling costs would be excessive.

In addition to packaging, companies also have producer responsibility for car tyres, cars, electrical and electronic devices, batteries and recycled paper as described in the Waste Act. Other types of waste – such as the collection of plastic products – are the responsibility of municipal waste management organisations.

Why are there no Rinki eco take-back points in the centre of our town?

Rinki would be happy to collect packaging waste in town centres. The take-back points require a lot of space, which is usually scarce in town centres, and there is seldom enough room outside supermarkets. Space is also needed to safely empty the containers, which is a challenge in central areas. It is also quite difficult to obtain permits for establishing take-back points in town centres anywhere in Finland.

We build take-back points on sites where a lot of people pass anyway. It makes sense to establish take-back points at supermarkets so that people can return packaging when they do their shopping.

What are Rinki eco take-back points and who is responsible for them?

Consumers can take used carton, glass and plastic packaging as well as small metal objects to Rinki eco take-back points. This service for consumers is free and it is produced by the Finnish industry and trade, i.e. Finnish companies. The Rinki eco take-back point network is maintained by Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd.