Rinki trademark


What does the Rinki trademark look like?

There are two versions of the trademark: the simple Rinki trademark and the “RINKI mukana pakkauskierrätyksessä” (“Rinki recycling packaging”) trademark, the elements of which are always used togetherThe Rinki trademark can be downloaded from Rinki’s Extranet service at extranet.rinkiin.fi(in Finnish).
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What does it mean that the Rinki trademark ”can be used in marketing communications”?

Using the Rinki trademark in marketing communications means that a company can use it on its own website, on printed and electronic marketing communications materials as well as in its advertising. Typical applications include brochures, notices, letters, invoices, order forms and compliment slips. However, the trademark must not be used on products or packaging.

How do companies benefit from using the Rinki trademark?

The Rinki trademark can be used in member companies’ marketing communications and we encourage the companies to actively use it. The trademark benefits the companies as it communicates their responsibility and gives them something back for their recycling fees and Rinki customer fees. Displaying the trademark tells a company’s customers and partners that it bears producer responsibility for packaging.

What is the Rinki trademark and who has the right to use it?

The Finnish Rinki trademark indicates that a company is bearing its producer responsibility for packaging, which is an integral part of a company’s environmental responsibility. Companies that have a contract administered by Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd concerning the transfer of producer responsibility for packaging to producer organisations have the right to display the Rinki trademark. Companies can use the trademark in their marketing communications; however, it cannot be displayed on packaging.

Thanks to the cost-efficient producer responsibility system funded by companies, only a very small portion of packaging is not reused in Finland.
See also: Rinki trademark