B2B packaging and waste management from properties

When a company signs a contract with Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd, it transfers the producer responsibility for its packaging to the packaging producer organisations. It then joins the producers’ system and contributes to shared costs.

Rinki collects household packaging waste at Rinki eco take-back points; B2B packaging must not be taken to these points.

Companies must arrange for waste disposal from their properties

The company is responsible for sorting the packaging waste remaining on its premises and arranging its transportation from the premises. The transportation thereof can be agreed upon with a waste transport company. The fee charges for transportation is a separate cost to the company and not included in the fees that Rinki charges.

The recycling fees charged by Rinki cover the recycling of packaging placed on the Finnish market by a company and the collecting of consumer packaging in Finland. The collection of packaging waste from the company’s premises is not included in these fees.

The recycling fee charged by Rinki is used to fund the network of terminals for receiving packaging waste, where material is received free of charge, as well as for the transportation of materials from the terminals to the waste treatment plant and recycling them or turning them into raw material for new products.

Terminals for receiving B2B packaging and sorting instructions

The producer organisations responsible for fibre, metal, plastic and wooden packaging provide information about their own terminals and for receiving B2B packaging and their sorting instructions.
Suomen Keräyslasiyhdistys ry has authorised Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd to run the reception terminals for glass packaging waste.
The terminals only accept glass packaging waste from municipal and private waste management companies that has been collected and sorted according to the national sorting instructions. The same instructions for sorting glass packaging apply to households and businesses.
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Fibre packaging

Terminals for receiving fibre packaging and sorting instructions


Glass packaging

Terminals for receiving glass packaging

Metal packaging

Terminals for receiving metal packaging and sorting instructions

Plastic packaging

Terminals for receiving plastic packaging and sorting instructions

Wooden packaging

Terminals for receiving wooden packaging and sorting instructions: