Packaging data to be submitted in February, new terms of contract and annual fees in 2016

In this bulletin:

  • The 2015 packaging data to be sent to Rinki by 29 February 2016
  • New terms of contract
  • RINKI Ltd’s registration and annual fees in 2016

The 2015 packaging data is to be sent to Rinki by 29 February 2016

From now on, the packaging data will need to be submitted earlier; the deadline used to be the end of March. Please notice that the 2015 packaging data should be sent to Rinki no later than 29 February 2016. The quickest and easiest way to submit the data is by using our extranet service on https://extranet.pyr.fi (in Finnish). You can submit the data from the beginning of 2016.

We will post the packaging data declaration form to our customers on 4 January 2016. Customers who have opted to use our extranet services will receive an email concerning submitting the data.

The new terms and conditions concerning your agreement with Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd

Due to some changes to producer responsibility, as well as the expansion of RINKI Ltd’s operations, the terms of contract have been amended. The new terms and conditions are valid as of 1 November 2015 until further notice, and replace those dated 16 May 2014. The changes in the terms do not require any action on your part.  Please read the new terms of contract >>

The following amendments have been made to the terms:

1. The company name and the Rinki trademark

  • The company was previously known as the Environmental Register of Packaging PYR Ltd. The terms and conditions have been updated with our new name, Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd.
  • Section 10: The Rinki trademark will replace the PYR trademark that has been used until now. The trademark’s new name has been updated in the terms and conditions. We will inform you as soon as the Rinki trademark is available.

2. Producer organisations’ recycling fees

  • The material-specific fees paid by the producer organisations used to be called recovery fees; since 2015 the fee has been known as the recycling fee. The new name for the fee has been updated in the terms and conditions (Sections 5 e, 6 a, 7 b and Sections 8 and 14).
  • Section 8: According to the previous terms and conditions, RINKI Ltd started invoicing the packaging material-specific recycling fees from April every year. As suggested by the producer organisations, we changed the terms regarding the invoicing. According to the new terms and conditions, invoicing starts within a month of the date when the packaging data submitted to RINKI Ltd have been accepted.

RINKI Ltd’s registration and annual fees in 2016

The Board of Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd decided on the registration and annual fees for 2016. You can see them in the table below. Our annual fees will fall about 14,5 % in all fee categories, registration fees will remain the same.

Fee category
Firm’s/location’s turnover EUR m
Location based
registration fee
EUR + VAT 24 %
annual fee
EUR + VAT 24 %
Aover 17223223696595
B1,7 - 17155155457390
C1,0 – 1,76868228195
Dunder 1,0404000

We informed all our customers of the material-specific recycling fees for 2016 by email in October. Please read the bulletin >>

All the 2016 fees have been published on Rinkiin.fi.

Please contact us if you need any further information.

Yours faithfully

E-mail: info@rinkiin.fi
tel. +358 6162 3500