Rinki collects packaging statistics from nearly 4,500 companies

Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd compiles annual packaging statistics from nearly 4,500 companies with producer responsibility and combines and submits the data to the Pirkanmaa ELY Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

In addition to packaging data from companies, Pirkanmaa ELY Centre is also provided with data concerning the volumes of recycled and reused materials collected by the packaging industry producer organisations.

Publication of the statistics

The Pirkanmaa ELY Centre compiles the official packaging statistics for Finland from the data reported by Rinki and other organisations and submits the data to the EU Commission. It also publishes the packaging statistics on its website. Rinki publishes the actual recycling and reuse rates on channels such as its website after receiving the official statistics from the Pirkanmaa ELY Centre.

Pakkausten kierratystilastot

Packaging recycling statistics

Pakkausten uudelleenkayttotilastot

Packaging reuse statistics

Packaging quantities in Finland

2019 figures