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Reporting packaging data

Once a year, all Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd's member firms report to Rinki the amount of packaging they have used over the previous year.

The information can be submitted as an e-mail attachment. The declaration form, instructions and the definitions of materials can be downloaded here:

Declaration form 
Declaration form filling instructions

Send the form filled in and signed to:

E-mail: info@rinkiin.fi

Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd
Mikonkatu 15 B

Extranet service (in Finnish)

RINKI Ltd provides an extranet service to its member firms, which at the moment is only available in Finnish. The service is under development and we are planning to also make the extranet service available in Swedish and English.

You can also download an electronic certificate and Rinki Trademark, which proves that your firm bears producer responsibility for its packaging in Finland. In addition, the extranet provides an easy and fast means for packaging data reporting.

The service is available at: extranet.rinkiin.fi

Packaging weights

The tables show examples of the weights of different packaging. In addition to these, firms use a number of other types of packaging with varying weights. When submitting your packaging quantities to Rinki, please remember to declare the actual weights of the packaging used.

Corrugated-cardboard packaging

Industrial wrapping and sacks

Carton liquid packaging

Carton packaging and paper wrapping

Plastic packaging

Metal packging

Glass packaging

Wooden packaging