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Firms are responsible for the collection of packaging waste from their premises

When a firm signs a contract with Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd, it transfers the producer responsibility for its packaging to the packaging producer organisations. The contract means that the firm is included in the producers' system and contributes to the shared costs of the system.

A contract with Rinki covers recycling of the packaging the firm brings to the Finnish market as well as the collection of consumer packaging carried out in Finland. Collection of packaging waste from a firm's premises is not covered by the contract, nor do the fees that Rinki charges include the collection and transport fees for BtoB packaging.

Sorting and collection of a firm's packaging

Packaging are brought to and remain in a firm's premises. This may be the case, for example, when the firm imports products and packaging that remains with the firm. This is also the case when the firm purchases products from other firms. In general, these products are packed in some type of packaging material.

The firm is responsible for sorting the packaging waste in its premises as well as the transportation of the waste from the premises to a reception terminal. Transportation may be agreed with a waste haulage firm. The fee charges for transportation is a separate cost to the firm and not included in the fees that Rinki charges.

Terminals to receive packaging that is sorted correctly

Terminals that are managed by producer organisations receive packaging waste and act as intermediate storehouses. They receive packaging waste free of charge.

Packaging waste delivered to the terminals must be sorted according to the below-mentioned producer organisations' instructions.

  • The same sorting instructions for glass packaging apply to consumers and businesses,
  • while there are different sorting instructions for consumers concerning carton, metal and plastic packaging.
  • Sorting instructions for wooden packaging are for firms only as this type of packaging is mainly used in firms.

Reception of packaging waste at terminals

Sorting instructions for packaging waste for firms