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More packaging recycled in Finland

Finland has been quite successful in its recycling of packaging. More than half of all packaging is now recycled. For a number of years, the recycling rates for carton, glass and metal packaging have exceed the targets set by the Finnish government and the EU, and the target for the recycling of plastic packaging has also been met. The new packaging decree that entered into force in summer 2014 sets stricter targets for 2016 and 2020.

Firms are responsible for recycling and the collection of consumer packaging

In Finland, the recycling of packaging is carried out by firms that pack products in Finland or import packed products for the Finnish market and have a turnover of EUR 1 million or more. These firms have so called producer responsibility. Producer responsibility means that packaging placed in the Finnish market must be recycled i.e. materials must be reused in the production of new products, according to the targets stipulated in law. This responsibility is based on the EU and Finnish legislation.

Firms that have producer responsibility have also been responsible for organising the collection of consumer packaging in Finland as from January 2016. The Rinki eco take-back point network launched its operations at the same time. Consumers can return used carton, glass, metal and plastic packaging to the Rinki eco take-back points.

A small action that makes a big difference

In Finland it is companies that bear the main responsibility for recycling, but individuals can also make a big difference.

You too can minimise the burden on the environment that is caused by waste: sort your packaging waste according to our instructions and bring it to a Rinki eco take-back point for recycling.  

Every little act helps – even by one individual  – so that recycling works as a whole efficiently and reasonably. The more people who sort their packaging waste correctly, the more good material can be recovered. This is good for the environment since recycling helps to reduce the amount of new material required for the creation of new products. 

Recycling saves energy and natural resources. It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which are harmful for the environment, and the amount of waste taken to landfill.

This is how consumer packaging is recycled to become raw material for a new product

It is worthwhile to sort and return your packaging waste to a Rinki eco take-back point. Packaging waste that is sorted correctly and returned to the take-back point is reused as raw material for new products, i.e. it is recycled. Only packaging waste that is sorted correctly can be recycled.

Where does packaging waste go from the Rinki eco take-back points?

RINKI kierratysketju EDIT 250416

1. Sorted packaging is brought to Rinki eco take-back points...

2. …where it is collected and taken to reception terminals, which also act as intermediate storage…

3. …and then to facilities that reuse packaging waste and where it is turned into secondary raw material or new products.

4. A new product made of recycled raw material saves energy and the environment.

Reusing packaging waste