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The Finnish Rinki trademark communicates corporate responsibility

rinki merkki


The Finnish Rinki trademark indicates that a company bears producer responsibility in relation to the recycling of packaging. Companies that have a contract administered by Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd concerning the transfer of producer responsibility for packaging to producer organisations have the right to display the Rinki trademark.

When you see the trademark on a website or an ad, you know it's a company that bears producer responsibility for its packaging. Displaying the trademark is voluntary.

Producer responsibility for packaging is an integral part of a company's environmental responsibility. Companies that place products and leave packaging on the Finnish market and whose turnover is at least one million euros have so-called producer responsibility for their packaging. By law, these companies must arrange the reception and recycling of and communications relating to packaging waste and pay for the costs incurred.

Thanks to the cost-efficient producer responsibility system funded by companies, only a very small portion of packaging is not reused in Finland.