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HSY recycling points will become Rinki eco take-back points at the beginning of 2019

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The recycling points operated by Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY will be Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd’s responsibility from 1 January 2019. Rinki will have sole responsibility for the maintenance of and customer service operations for the eco take-back points in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

-          “Since 2006, HSY’s mission has been to serve the residents in the area by building a comprehensive and uniform take-back network where it is easy to take and recycle waste. Now, this duty will be taken over by Rinki,” says HSY’s Operations Manager Marjut Mäntynen.

-          “The change will make the operations clearer for consumers. All the recycling points in the metropolitan area will become Rinki eco take-back points, and Rinki will also run the customer service operations,” explains Rinki’s Operative Director Pertti Tammivuori.

In 2016, 135 HSY recycling points were integrated into the RINKI network, and the responsibility for emptying glass, metal, plastic and carton packaging waste containers as well as the set-up of the network was transferred to Rinki. HSY was responsible for cleaning, maintenance and customer service of the recycling points. From the beginning of 2019, Rinki will be responsible for all eco take-back point operations. 

The eco take-back point network is improving

There are now 140 Rinki eco take-back points in the Helsinki region and Kirkkonummi, and plastic is collected at 63 of them. Rinki added 14 eco take-back points in the plastic collection network in the HSY area in summer 2018, and it aims to increase the number of plastic collection points during the autumn and winter. Suitable sites for collection points are being surveyed.

Consumers can take used carton, glass and plastic packaging as well as small metal objects to Rinki eco take-back points. Paper can also be recycled at the points, and most of them accept wearable clothing. You can find the points and materials accepted at each point using the search at rinkiin.fi/for-households/rinki-eco-take-back-points.

-          “People should only take waste materials that are accepted at the particular Rinki eco take-back points. It’s forbidden to leave other waste in the containers or near them,” says Rinki’s Tammivuori.

-          “Other waste materials can be taken to HSY’s Sortti Stations. Hazardous waste is also collected at some service stations,” says HSY’s Mäntynen. Recycling points can be found at www.kierratys.info.

Rinki responds to consumers’ feedback on eco take-back points

A free customer service will be available for consumers in the Helsinki region with questions and feedback about Rinki eco take-back points from the beginning of 2019: Tel. 0800 133 888 (Mon-Fri 7:00-21:00, Sat 9:00-18:00), email: service@rinkiin.fi. You can also leave your feedback quickly and easily using the online form at rinkiin.fi/rinki-ecopointfeedback. The new contact details will also be available at the eco take-back points.

More information: 

Pertti Tammivuori, Operative Director
Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd
tel. 0500 705 772

Marjut Mäntynen, Operations Manager
Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY
tel. 0400 609 493


Background information for media:

Producers are responsible for the collection of consumer packaging

HSY has built a comprehensive recycling point network in the Helsinki region and Kirkkonummi since 2006. HSY and RINKI Ltd signed a contract on 20 June 2018 to transfer the collection points to the ownership of Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd on 1 January 2019.

As stipulated in the Waste Act, the responsibility for the recycling of consumer packaging waste was transferred to the producers, i.e. companies that either package products in Finland or import packaged products for the Finnish market and have a turnover of at least one million euros, in 2016. Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd is a non-profit organisation that has been responsible for managing the nationwide eco take-back point network since 2016. 


Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd

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Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd is a non-profit service company owned by Finnish industry and retail trade and founded in 1997. Rinki has built a Rinki eco take-back point network that covers all of Finland on behalf of producers and producer organisations in the packaging sector. There are more than 1850 Rinki eco take-back points that collect carton and glass packaging as well as metal. In addition, there are about 550 points that collect plastic packaging. www.rinkiin.fi

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY

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Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY is a municipal body that offers waste management and water services, and provides information on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and environment. HSY helps inhabitants to act for a better environment. www.hsy.fi