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Remember to recycle your packaging waste this summer – Rinki eco take-back points at holidaymakers’ services

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It is a great idea to recycle empty carton, glass and metal packaging that piles up at the cottage during the summer holiday. You can take all these types of packaging to your nearest Rinki eco take-back point, and the largest points also accept plastic packaging. Rinki empties its containers more frequently in the summer, and everyone who takes packaging waste to the take-back points can help to keep them tidy and in good order.

Rinki eco take-back points are busy in the summer in areas that are popular with holidaymakers. Rinki monitors the take-back points closely and empties the containers at the busier points more frequently to ensure they stay tidy.

“Our aim is to make recycling as easy as possible also during the busy holiday season. Feedback from users of Rinki eco take-back points is very important to us so we know exactly how the points are performing,” says Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd’s Operative Director Pertti Tammivuori.

We suggest that holidaymakers save space in their cottages by flattening packages such as carton boxes before taking them to the eco take-back points.  

The tighter the packages are placed in the container, the more packaging material can be transported in one go. This means that containers can be emptied less frequently, which makes the collection more efficient and reduces transport-related emissions. About 360 Rinki eco take-back points have eco-efficient press machines for carton packages, and about 160 points also have a crusher for plastic packaging.

Holidaymakers are advised to take their packaging waste to points equipped with press machines whenever possible as they can hold a considerable amount of waste material, up to about 40 or 50 times more than conventional containers.

“In the summer, a beautiful and warm weekend can multiply the number of packages taken to eco take-back points. The points equipped with crushers have plenty of space for packaging waste, and they can also handle visitor peaks very well,” says Tammivuori.

Rinki eco take-back points are in efficient use across Finland in the summer

It is easy to sort packaging waste because the same instructions apply everywhere in Finland. The Rinki eco take-back point network for household packaging has more than 1850 points for cardboard and glass packaging and small metal household object, and more than 600 points also accept plastic packaging.

You can take empty, clean and dry packaging to Rinki eco take-back points. For example, empty jam jars, sausage packaging, cans and carton biscuit boxes are all suitable for collection. Sorting instructions are available at rinkiin.fi/sorting-instructions.

“Please do not leave waste on the ground if a container at a Rinki eco take-back point is full as this may cause others to follow your example,” says Tammivuori.

You can find your nearest Rinki eco take-back point by searching the map at rinkiin.fi/for-households/rinki-eco-take-back-points. The search can be defined by the packaging material.

Rinki’s customer service team can help you if you have questions about sorting

Rinki’s customer service team is happy to receive feedback on Rinki eco take-back points and advises consumers on sorting issues at 0800 133 888 (toll-free, Mon-Fri 7-21, Sat 9-18) and by email at service@rinkiin.fi.

You can also leave feedback on eco take-back points by filling in the online form at rinkiin.fi/rinki-ecopointfeedback.

Feedback on take-back points is important so Rinki can ensure the points are tidy. Untidy points are unpleasant for other users, and cleaning up litter is expensive.

For more information, please contact:

Communications Manager Jaana Lindman, tel. +358 40 709 1920

E-mail addresses: firstname.lastname@rinkiin.fi


Other types of waste

The Rinki eco take-back points are only for the collection of household packaging. Other types of waste have their own recycling channels, the location of which can be checked at www.kierratys.info.

-        Hazardous materials and packages containing residues of hazardous waste (e.g. oil canisters, containers with some paint) must be taken to hazardous waste collection points maintained by the municipalities.

-        There are collection points for electrical equipment, light bulbs and batteries as well as for construction and garden waste and tyres.

-        Electrical equipment can also be taken to shops that sell them. Many shops take batteries, and tyres can be taken to tyre shops.

-        Pieces of furniture must be taken to places specified by the municipalities, which are usually located at the large recycling centres.   


Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd

Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd is a non-profit service company owned by Finnish industry and the retail trade and founded in 1997. We provide companies with effective and sustainable solutions concerning the execution of producer responsibility for packaging. Nearly 4500 companies that bear producer responsibility for packaging have joined Rinki. For consumers, we offer the nationwide Rinki eco take-back point network for the collection of packaging and the recycling of glass packaging waste. There are now more than 1850 Rinki eco take-back points for carton and glass packaging and metal as well as more than 600 points for plastic packaging. www.rinkiin.fi