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The number of Rinki eco take-back points has hit its target

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Since the beginning of this year, producers, i.e. companies that pack or import packaged goods, have been responsible for the collection of packaging waste from households. Before this, the collection of consumer packaging was municipalities' duty but since the changes in the Waste Act and the Packaging Decree, it is the producers who bear the statutory producer responsibility for their packaging.

The number of eco take-back points determined in the Packaging Decree was achieved, as planned, by the end of July. There are at least 1,850 eco take-back points that accept carton and glass packaging as well as metal. In addition, there are at least 500 take-back points for plastic packaging.

The new Rinki eco take-back points are located at shops and shopping centres that are easy for consumers to access. Existing collection points have been turned into Rinki eco take-back points in many municipalities, and they now receive a wider variety of materials. Many take-back points have logistically efficient press machines for plastic and carton packages. Consumers can also recycle waste paper and textiles at a number of Rinki eco take-back points.

Municipalities used to have a variety of sorting guidelines in force but now uniform, nation-wide sorting guidelines apply to all Rinki eco take-back points. It is important that consumers follow the guidelines to ensure that the packaging material collected is suitable for recycling. The sorting guidelines can be found at Rinkiin.fi/sorting-instructions, and they are also displayed on the containers.

We are continuing to develop the Rinki eco take-back point network, although there are currently no plans to increase the number of the take-back points. We will open new take-back points at shops during the autumn to replace points that are less centrally located. We will also open take-back points for carton and glass packaging and metal in smaller population centres that do not yet have one. We aim to improve the services to ensure that consumers can easily access our take-back points.

Rinki's customer service team is happy to help consumers with questions concerning recycling and sorting, and we would like to receive feedback on Rinki eco take-back points. You can contact our customer service team on our freephone number 0800 133 888 (Mon-Fri 7–21, Sat 9–18).