Recycling packaging in Finland

Materials are needed to pack products, and producing materials requires energy. Would it not be better for the environment if we did not pack products?

Not quite. Packaging has an important function. It protects products from the environment and the environment from products.


If a product is damaged or spoiled in transfer, this results in unnecessary wastage. The energy and materials used in the product’s manufacturing process are also wasted. This means more waste and more damage to the environment.


Companies that bear producer responsibility are responsible for the cost of recycling packaging. Packaging materials that enter the Finnish market with products must be reused in the production of new products, i.e. they must be recycled.


Quite a lot of packaging is recycled in Finland. In 2020, companies with producer responsibility recycled 61% of the packaging generated in Finland.


Yet there is room for improvement. Let’s give packaging a new life.



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