Nearest collection point

Where can I take my packaging waste?

Arms full of packaging waste? Bring them to be recycled – to the collection point at your own property, the Rinki ecopoint or the municipality’s ecopoint.

It is often most convenient to take your home’s packaging waste to the collection point at your own property. If you don’t have a container for packaging waste in your yard, you can also take them to Rinki ecopoints or ecopoints maintained by municipalities.


The instructions for sorting packaging waste are the same throughout Finland. In practical terms this means that plastic packaging is sorted in the same way in a residential building in Oulu as at a Rinki ecopoint in Vantaa.


All Rinki ecopoints can be found on Rinki’s ecopoint map. Other collection points can also be found on the Kierrä website.

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Find your nearest Rinki ecopoint

Looking for your nearest Rinki ecopoint? You can find it here.