Sorting instructions for glass packaging

Glass can be recycled virtually forever. It stays clean and won’t lose its quality. Luckily, sorting glass is also easy! View and print the instructions here.


Sorting instructions for glass packaging


Empty, with caps and lids removed

  • Glass bottles
  • Glass jars

Rinse dirty glass packaging with cold water if necessary. It is not necessary to remove labels and bottle neck rings. Please return deposit glass bottles to reverse vending machines in shops!


  • Healthcare packaging such as vials and ampoules
  • Plastic: e.g. plastic bags and wrappings, polystyrene, bubble wrap
  • Porcelain or ceramics
  • Glass dishes (e.g. drinking glasses, oven dishes, coffee pots, lids for pots and pans)
  • Crystal
  • Opal glass (e.g. some cosmetics packaging and ornamental objects)
  • Windows or mirrors
  • Light bulbs or lamps

Return batteries and electronic devices to their own collection points. Any packaging that contains residues of dangerous substances and pressurised packaging (e.g. paint, chemicals, oils, medicines, hairspray) must be taken to your local hazardous waste collection point.

Printable sorting instructions

How to sort glass packaging (in Finnish)