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Producer responsibility is taken care of by signing a contract with a packaging producer organisation. You can enter a contract by contacting Rinki.

There are two packaging sector producer organisations in Finland: Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd and Sumi Oy. Both are responsible for the collection and recycling of carton and paper, glass, metal, plastic and wooden packaging in Finland.


Registering is easy:

  1. Choose below, which producer organisation you wish to join.
  2. Send the contract to Rinki.


Rinki and producer organisations
Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd

Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd (SPT) is a non-profit organisation, organising the recycling of carton and paper packaging, glass packaging, metal packaging, plastic packaging and wood packaging waste.

Read more about SPT here:

Sumi Oy

Sumi Ltd is responsible for the collection and recycling of plastic, glass, metal, paper and carton as well as wooden packaging in Finland.

Read more about Sumi here:

25 years of producer responsibility

Did you know that producer responsibility for packaging was officially incorporated into Finnish law in 1997? More than 4,600 companies with producer responsibility now belong to producer organisations in Finland.

Producer responsibility is teamwork

Producer organisations

  • There are two producer organisations in Finland: Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd and Sumi Oy.
  • Both producer organisations take care of collecting and recycling carton, paper, glass, metal, plastic and wooden packaging in Finland.
  • All companies with producer responsibility are legally obliged to join one of the producer organisations. Companies can be customers of both producer organisations simultaneously until 2025 if they have had a contract prior to 30.9.2022.
  • The producer organisations ensure that the producer responsibility obligations of companies with producer responsibility are taken care of. The producer organisations organise the recycling of packaging placed on the Finnish market and the collection of consumer packaging in Finland.
  • The producer organisations maintain packaging waste reception terminals in Finland.




  • Rinki is a service company authorised by the producer organisations to register and manage contracts with customers.
  • Rinki offers customer service for business customers on behalf of the producer organizations. Ring’s business customer service is available at 09 6162 3500 (weekdays 8.30-15.30) on/off.
  • Rinki informs companies with INFO and FOCUS newsletters.
  • The company concludes the contract with the packaging sector producer organisations. The contract is made by contacting Rinki. By signing the contract, companies transfer their producer responsibility for packaging to the producer organisations.
  • Companies with producer responsibility report their packaging data to Rinki
  • Rinki collects recycling fees from companies and passes the recycling fees on to the producer organisations.



The cycle of your company’s packaging

When your company belongs to a producer organisation and bears its statutory producer responsibility, it also supports circular economy, reduces litter in the environment and prevents climate change.

  • Your company’s packaging continues its journey from Rinki ecopoints or residential collection containers to the producer organisations’ reception terminals.
  • Waste is then transported to different material-specific processing plants in Finland and Europe.
  • The material processed into raw materials continues its life in new products and packaging, for example.


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