Reporting packaging data

Companies that have joined producer organisations must submit data concerning the packaging of the products that they have placed on the market to Rinki. How and when will this packaging data need to be reported? We are here to help.

Companies with producer responsibility are legally obliged to organise the collection and recycling of the packaging of all products that they place on the market. This ensures that the packaging materials can be recycled into new packaging and products as efficiently as possible.

When companies join the producer responsibility scheme, they transfer their obligation to collect and recycle their packaging to the producer organisations. Companies are left with two duties:

  1. Reporting their packaging data to Rinki
  2. Paying the recycling and customer fees determined on the basis of their packaging data.

Reporting packaging data on time is essential for the producer responsibility scheme to work as it directly affects the system’s financing, invoicing and operations.

Your company will not be left alone to report packaging data. We are here to help.

Instructions for reporting packaging data 2022

You can find the 2022 instructions for filling in the packaging data below.

Instructions for reporting packaging data 2022 >
Instructions for reporting packaging data 2023

Below you can find the instructions for reporting packaging data from 2023 using the detailed declaration form.


Instructions for reporting packaging data using the light declaration form and for reporting SUP packaging will be available soon.


Packaging data from 2023 is reported starting from 1 January 2024 using Rinki’s Extranet service.

2023 Instructions for reporting packaging data: detailed declaration form >

Registered companies have access to the Rinki’s Extranet service. A company can use the service to report the packaging data to Rinki quickly and easily, and the service also provides instructions for submitting the data.

The Extranet can be accessed by company’s contact persons whose details have been provided to Rinki; the contact persons’ details can be updated at any time on the Extranet.


Logging in to the Extranet is easy: the service is accessed using an email address and a one-time PIN code, which will be sent by email and, if necessary, to mobile number via an SMS message when you log in. An SMS message can only be sent if the mobile number is saved in our register.

Extranet >
Deadline for reporting

2022 packaging data must be reported by 28.2.2023.

Reporting the packaging data is essential for the producer responsibility system to work as it directly affects the financing and operation of the system.

Packaging weights

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FAQs about reporting

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Customer service

Need help with reporting? Our customer service is happy to help.