Recycling consumer packaging is a joint effort. All consumers who sort and recycle their empty product packages play an important role in making our recycling efforts successful. When everyone plays their part, packaging gets recycled and its environmental impact is reduced.

The table is set for sustainability, welcome

Did you know that in Finland, companies that pack products or import packed products are responsible for recycling the packaging?

Companies subject to producer responsibility have a statutory obligation to organise and pay for the collection and recycling of packaging waste. The easiest and most convenient way for companies to meet these obligations under producer responsibility is to sign a contract with producer organisations administered by Rinki.

All that’s left for the consumer to do is take empty and clean packaging to a collection point – either at the building where they live or the nearest Rinki eco take-back point.

A new life for packaging

The most important purpose of packaging is to provide the best possible protection for the goods inside.

Once packaging has done its job, it becomes waste – unless it is sorted and returned to circulation. Used packaging can be reused to make new products, saving energy and raw materials.

But what happens to cartons, glass,plastic packaging and metal once they’ve been taken to a collection point?

Let’s make sure that packaging is recycled – Keeping it neat!

There are more than 1,800 Rinki eco take-back points in Finland. As consumers, we are all responsible for keeping them tidy.

With the help of the following tips using a Rinki eco take-back point will go smoothly for everyone:

  1. Please use Rinki eco take-back points only for recycling empty consumer packaging waste and always make sure to place each material in the appropriate container.
  2. Do not leave anything outside the containers.

If you notice that a container is full or a press machine is out of order, please contact our customer service team and we’ll take care of it. Still have a recycling related question in mind? Please check out our frequently asked questions.