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Customer service
for companies
09 6162 3500
(Mon-Fri: 8:30-15:30)

Customer service
for companies
09 6162 3500
(Mon-Fri: 8:30-15:30)

Rinki and the producer organisations arrange collection and recycling of carton, glass, metal, plastic and wooden packaging on behalf of the member companies so that the requirements of the legislation are met.

The easiest and most convenient way to handle a company’s obligations of producer responsibility for packaging is to sign a contract with producer organisations administered by RINKI Ltd. One contract is enough.

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How much does the producer responsibility for packaging cost?

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Producer responsibility

What does the producer responsibility mean?

Rinki online magazine – information on packaging recycling

“We won’t get results without open-minded cooperation,” says MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen

We need to regulate large entities instead of small details; we need science-based indicators, ambitious long-term goals and cooperation to replace silos. These are the aspects that Sirpa Pietikäinen thinks will launch circular economy in a sustainable and profitable way.

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The reformed Waste Act entered into force – This changes for the producer-responsible company

The reform of the Waste Act entered into force on Monday, July 19, 2021. The amendment will accelerate recycling and circular economy: With the new Waste Act, the responsibilities and costs of producer-responsible companies will increase, but at the same time foreign online sellers will be included in the system.

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