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Does your company pack products, have products packed or import packed products to Finland? Or does your company have a online store which delivers products to Finland? Does your company’s turnover reach at least 1 million euros?

If it does, your company must bear producer responsibility for packaging, i.e. make sure that the packaging is recycled.

Producer responsibility is a legal obligation for businesses. It applies to companies that pack products in Finland or import packed products for the Finnish market or sell their products to Finland through distance sales and have a turnover of at least one million euros. A company is also responsible for its packaging if the packing or logistics has been outsourced to another company.

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The easiest and most convenient way to handle your company’s obligations of producer responsibility for packaging is to sign a contract with producer organisations administered by Rinki. One contract is enough for your company to transfer its producer responsibility for packaging to producer organisations in the packaging industry*). Rinki and the producer organisations arrange the receipt, collection and recycling of carton, glass, metal, plastic and wooden packaging on behalf of the member companies in such a way that the legal requirements are met.

*) The company is responsible for the basic legal requirements concerning packaging in force at any given time.



A contract with Rinki covers recycling of the packaging the company brings to the Finnish market as well as the collection of consumer packaging carried out in Finland. The company arranges the removal of sorted packaging waste from its own property. This can be arranged with a waste transport company, for example; the costs incurred are not included in the fees charged by Rinki. Read more: B2B packaging and collection from properties

What does producer responsibility for packaging mean?

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