Joining Rinki benefits your company

Your company will benefit from being part of a shared system that is organised by Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd and the packaging industry producer organisations on behalf of the contracted companies. One contract gives your company access to all these benefits:

1. It is an easy way for your company to take care of the producer responsibility

The most important advantage is that your company can focus on its core business when it has transferred its producer responsibility for packaging to the producer sector through Rinki. One contract is enough: when a company signs the contract, it joins the producer organisations in the packaging sector Rinki and the producer organisations arrange the reception, collection and recycling of carton, glass, metal, plastic and wooden packaging on behalf of the member companies so that the requirements of the legislation are met. This includes: reception of B2B packaging at terminals, collection of consumer packaging and recycling of consumer and B2B packaging.

The company is responsible for sorting the packaging waste remaining on its premises and arranging its transportation from the premises, which is not included in the recycling fees charged by Rinki. Read more: B2B packaging and waste management in properties 

*) The company is responsible for the basic legal requirements concerning packaging in force at any given time.

2. Recycling of packaging waste and collection of consumer packaging according to legal requirements and in a cost-effective manner

Collection of packaging waste and arranging its recycling would be very expensive for an individual company. When the company has joined the producers’ system, it does not need to maintain the system alone but contributes to shared costs. Rinki and the producer organisations are not-for-profit organisations and ensure that the collection and recycling of packaging is handled cost-effectively.

By law, producers are responsible for meeting the objectives and requirements stipulated in the law on the recycling of packaging waste. In addition, producers must maintain at least 30 reception terminals for packaging materials collected by municipalities and companies as well as pay for nationwide collection of consumer packaging. Households can bring their discarded carton, glass, metal and plastic packaging to Rinki eco take-back points free of charge.

3. Communicating responsibility is easy

Being a Rinki member tells a company’s customers and stakeholders that it is a responsible business that bears its producer responsibility for packaging. It has the right to use the Rinki trademark in its marketing communications in accordance with the terms of use. In addition, the name of the company is published in the Rinki member companies list on the Rinki website, and it receives a Rinki certificate every year. You can download the Rinki trademark and certificate easily from Rinki’s extranet service.

4. Only one packaging data declaration per year

Bearing the producer responsibility also involves reporting to the authorities. This includes reports on the total volumes of the packaging placed on the market as well as how the collection and recycling of packaging waste has been arranged nationwide and how communications-related obligations are met.

Reporting is also easy for Rinki member companies as they only need to provide Rinki with the packaging volumes that they place on the market once a year. The producer organisations and Rinki carry out all reporting required by the law on behalf of the member companies. It is not sufficient to submit packaging data alone; the nationwide collection and recycling of packaging waste must also be organised in practical terms.

5. Latest information on recycling

Rinki informs companies of the latest news on recycling and collection of packaging as well as the producer responsibility through channels such as Rinki online magazine and newsletters.

6. Rinki’s customer service for companies offers advice and support

Rinki’s customer service team advises and assists companies in matters related to producer responsibility. Tel. +358 9 6162 3500 (Mon-Fri 8:30-15:30) and email