How to join

Joining is easy: fill in the contract and return it to Rinki. Read more here:

1. Contract form

You can download the contract here:

Rinki administers contracts that allow companies to transfer their producer responsibility for packaging to producer organisations.

2. Form of the contract (page 2 in the contract)

There are two forms of the contract to choose from:


A single contract

A single contract may be signed by a company that operates under one business ID and bears producer responsibility for packaging. Even though the contract is a single one, it covers all of the company’s branches operating under the same business ID. The total volumes of packaging used by all the branches are reported to Rinki once a year. Companies with a turnover of less than one million euros that are not legally obliged to bear producer responsibility for packaging can also enter into a single contract. They also submit the packaging data and are subject to the customer and recycling fees.


A joint contract

A joint contract can be signed by a group or a conglomerate, a chain organisation or a franchisor that has the right, based on ownership, agreement or other authorisation, to represent the companies entering into the contract. A ‘Group’ is defined in the Accounting Act and the Limited Liability Companies Act. The companies entering into a joint contract are listed in Appendix 2 to the contract.

Please contact Rinki’s customer service for companies if you need advice on selecting the right form of contract. Tel. +358 9 6162 3500 (Mon-Fri 8:30-15:30) and email

3. Registration of company details and the extranet username and password

Once the contract sent to Rinki has been approved, Rinki saves the companies’ details in the register and sends the contact person specified in the contract a welcome email that explains the use of the extranet service. Reporting packaging data and updating company details are easy and effortless through the service. The Rinki trademark and certificate, which are Rinki’s customer benefits, can be downloaded from the extranet. They communicate a company’s responsibility and show that it bears producer responsibility for packaging.


4. The company will be added to the Rinki member companies list on our website

5. Invoicing after the acceptance of packaging data

Every year, the member companies report the packaging volumes they placed on the market the previous year. Once a company has submitted its packaging data and they have been accepted, Rinki sends an invoice according to the price list.

When joining RINKI Ltd, the company pays a one-off registration fee and an annual customer fee. In addition, the company pays material-specific recycling fees determined by the producer organisations, which Rinki invoices the producers for and deposits with the producer organisations. Rinki customer fees and recycling fees for packaging are based on the company’s packaging volumes in the previous year that the company has reported to Rinki.