Price list

When joining RINKI Ltd, the company pays a one-off registration fee and an annual customer fee. In addition, the company pays material-specific recycling fees determined by the producer organisations, which Rinki invoices the producers for and deposits with the producer organisations. Rinki’s customer fees and recycling fees for packaging are based on the company’s packaging volumes in the previous year that the company has reported to Rinki. Rinki and the producer organisations are non-profit organisations.

A Customer fee invoicing is based on the price list and the company’s packaging volume the previous year.

Value added tax is added to the fees.


Customer fee

Customer fee1.60 €/tonne
Customer fee, minimum265 €/year/contract
Customer fee, maximum4 500 €/year/contract


Registration fee

Registration fee0 €/company

Recycling fee invoicing is based on the price list and the company’s packaging volume the previous year.

If a company incurs a materialgroup-specific recycling fee of more than EUR 10,000, Rinki will invoice for this in two equal installments, with the second installment being due 120 days after the first, but not later than 31 October.

Value added tax is added to the fees.

MaterialRecycling fee €/tonne
Corrugated cardboard packaging for consumers11.00
Corrugated cardboard packaging for firms11.00
Industrial wrapping and sacks for firms17.00
Industrial cores for firms17.00
Carton and paper packaging for consumers73.00
Carton and paper packaging for firms73.00
Carton liquid packaging for consumers143.00
Carton liquid packaging for firms143.00
MaterialRecycling fee €/tonne
Plastic packaging for consumers:
Conventional plastic packaging234.00
Biodegradable plastic packaging234.00
Conventional shopping bags234.00
Biodegradable shopping bags234.00
Conventional small bags234.00
Biodegradable small bags234.00
Plastic packaging for firms84.00
MaterialRecycling fee €/tonne
Aluminium packaging for consumers126.00
Aluminium packaging for firms26.00
Tinplate packaging for consumers126.00
Tinplate packaging for firms26.00
Steel packaging for consumers26.00
Steel packaging for firms26.00
Deposit beverage cans-
MaterialRecycling fee €/tonne
Glass packaging for consumers (non-deposit)98.00
Glass packaging for firms (non-deposit)98.00
MaterialRecycling fee €/tonne
Stamped FIN, EUR and EPAL
pallets, rental pallets, cable reels for firms
Other wooden pallets and
other wooden packaging for firms
Other wooden pallets and
other wooden packaging for consumers
 Recycling fee €/tonne
Other packaging for consumers0.00
Other packaging for firms0.00

Late declaration fee and estimate-based invoice for packaging data 2021

According to the terms of contract, companies must report to RINKI Ltd annually the packaging materials and quantities that they have used to pack their products and placed on the market or imported together with its products. The 2020 packaging data must be submitted by 28 February 2021.

Reporting the packaging data is essential for the producer responsibility system to work as it directly affects the system’s financing, invoicing and operations. If a company submits the 2020 data after 28 February 2021, RINKI Ltd will collect a fee for the late declaration. The fee is EUR 200 (+VAT) for each delayed month or part thereof and it will be charged for a maximum of three months.

If the company has not submitted the 2020 packaging data by the end of May 2021, RINKI Ltd will invoice the late declaration fee as well as estimate-based customer and recycling fees, which will be based on the packaging data available to RINKI Ltd.