Producer responsibility for packaging means working together

Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd works together with producer organisations to ensure that companies can handle their producer responsibility obligations concerning packaging easily and efficiently. Recycling packaging in an efficient manner requires collaboration between a number of parties.

Rinki is a service company

Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd is a non-profit service company founded in 1997 and owned by Finnish industry and retail trade.

  • Producer organisations in the packaging sector have authorised Rinki to arrange the collection of consumer packaging in Finland. In addition, the producer organisation for glass packaging producers, Suomen Keräyslasiyhdistys ry, has agreed on the recycling of glass packaging waste with Rinki.
  • With its Rinki eco take-back points, Rinki ensures that correctly sorted carton, glass, metal and plastic packaging from households is collected from the Finnish market for recycling efficiently and at a reasonable cost
  • Rinki also registers companies with packaging producer responsibility, collects the funding for recycling of packaging from the companies and compiles statistics on the total volumes of packaging as well as produces statutory reports of the implementation of producer responsibility to the authorities.
  • Rinki also informs companies and consumers about recycling packaging and Rinki eco take-back points and offers other support and advice.

Producer organisations are responsible for recycling packaging waste

Packaging industry producer organisations are legally competent not-for-profit organisations. They are responsible for ensuring that the targets set by EU and Finnish legislation for recycling of packaging are met in Finland, and that the receipt of packaging and related communications are carried out in accordance with the legislation.

Producer organisations agree on material-specific recycling fees, which Rinki invoices the producers for and deposits with the producer organisations.

The aim is that recycling of packaging is arranged cost-effectively so that the fees paid by companies remain reasonable.


Fibre packaging

Suomen Kuitukierrätys Oy (SUK) is the producer organisation responsible for the recycling of paper packaging, carton packaging and corrugated cardboard. These packs include various cardboard boxes, cereal and biscuit boxes, paper bags, milk and juice cartons and similar products. SUK is also in charge of the recycling of fibre-based industrial packaging such as cases, wraps and bags used for industrial purposes. Check out the activities (in Finnish): Suomen Kuitukierrätys Oy


Glass packaging

Suomen Keräyslasiyhdistys ry is the producer organisation for producers of non-deposit glass packaging. Non-deposit glass packaging include pots and jars as well as non-deposit bottles. Check out the activities: Suomen Keräyslasiyhdistys ry


Plastic packaging

Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy is the producer organisation responsible for the recycling of plastic packaging in Finland. Examples of plastic packaging include stretch film and other film, pallet covers, carrier bags, beakers, tubes, bottles, dishes and films that cover them, stoppers, caps, canisters, bin liners, binding bands, plastic boxes, baskets, plastic pallets, blister foil and polystyrene packaging. Check out the activities:  Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy


Metal packaging

Mepak-Kierrätys Oy is the producer organisation responsible for the recycling of metal packaging in Finland. Metal packaging include various packaging made of aluminium, tinplate and steel. Check out the activities: Mepak-Kierrätys Oy


Wooden packaging

Puupakkausten Kierrätys PPK Oy is the producer organisation responsible for the recycling of wooden packaging in Finland. Wooden packaging include FIN, EUR and disposable pallets, cable reels as well as various kinds of platforms, frames, boxes, containers, barrels, stretchers and supports made of wood or plywood. Check out the activities (in Finnish): Puupakkausten Kierrätys PPK Oy


Deposit beverage packaging

Suomen Palautuspakkaus Oy is the organisation responsible for deposit beverage cans and bottles. Check out the activities: Suomen Palautuspakkaus Oy

The role of municipalities and environmental companies in consumer packaging collection

Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd, packaging producer organisations, municipalities and environmental companies work together to ensure that the collection and recycling of packaging waste is organised appropriately everywhere in Finland. The role of private and municipal environmental companies is also significant.

  • Separate collection of packaging waste from residential properties consisting of at least five apartments is tendered out and organised by municipalities. Municipalities do not own a collection fleet, therefore private transport companies perform the actual collection of waste. Producers pay the municipalities for collection and can influence the conditions of carrying out collection.
  • Municipalities can offer a supplement to the producers’ consumer packaging collection by setting up their own collection points or by collections from residential premises. Municipal waste collection is funded by waste management fees. Suomen Kiertovoima ry represents public waste management operations and 31 municipal waste management facilities, which take care of waste management for 5.3 million people in Finland. Read more (in Finnish): Suomen Kiertovoima ry
  • Private waste haulage companies can also offer their services to producers and residential premises if the municipality or the producers do not arrange the collection. Finnish Environmental Industries (YTP) is an industry organisation for responsible environmental companies. Read more: Ympäristöteollisuus ja -palvelut YTP ry

The Pirkanmaa ELY Centre supervises the implementation of producer responsibility

The Pirkanmaa ELY Centre is the authority that supervises the implementation of packaging producer responsibility in Finland.

  • Rinki submits the packaging statistics that it collects from companies to Pirkanmaa ELY Centre every year. The statistics are drawn up from the data reported by Rinki member companies. The statistics only show the total packaging material volumes. Rinki does not disclose information about individual companies to third parties.
  • Pirkanmaa ELY Centre does not require Rinki member companies to explain how they take care of their producer responsibility obligations. Please see: Rinki member companies

Pirkanmaa ELY Centre submits a report to the EU every year on packaging waste volumes as well as information about the recycling and reuse of packaging waste in Finland.