Report packaging data easily via the Extranet

Extranet service for companies

RINKI Ltd’s member firms have access to the Extranet service. A company can use the service to report the packaging data to Rinki quickly and easily, and the service also provides instructions for submitting the data.

The service is available at:

The Extranet can be accessed by company’s contact persons whose details have given to Rinki; the contact persons’ details can be updated at any time on the Extranet.

Logging in to the Extranet is easy: the service is accessed using an email address and a one-time PIN code, which will be sent by email and, if necessary, to mobile number via an SMS message when you log in. An SMS message can only be sent if the mobile number is saved in our register.

You can also use the service for downloading the Rinki trademark and certificate which includes company’s customer benefits.

The instructions for filling in the packaging data

You can find the instructions for filling in the packaging data below.

Rinki’s business customer service team is happy to advise and help with any queries you may have concerning packaging data reports: tel. +358 9 6162 3500,

Packaging weights

The tables show examples of the weights of different packaging. In addition to these, companies use a number of other types of packaging with varying weights. When submitting your packaging quantities to Rinki, please remember to declare the actual weights of the packaging used.

Materiald x w x hPackaging weight
83/83/18040,0 g
pizza box345/365/35125,0 g
chocolate box 2.2 kg130/94/276140,0 g
Kindd x w x hPackaging weight
ice cream box300/196/190160,0 g
sparkling wine box 12 x 75 cl357/270/320325,0 g
alcoholic beverage box 12 x 1 l270/370/300300,0 g
Kindd x w x hPackaging weight
box240/190/250245,0 g
berry box 5 kg499/297/131300,0 g
perunalaatikko 12,5 kg385/290/240480,0 g
 d x w x hPackaging weight
reinforced storage box 25 kg428/279/292730,0 g
470/260/6001080,0 g
reinforced storage box 25 kg590/250/2751140,0 g
AaltoThicknessSquare meter weight
E or mini1,5 mm390–470 g/m2
B3,0 mm400–600 g/m2
C4,0 mm440–820 g/m2
AaltoThicknessSquare meter weight
BC7,0 mm710–1400 g/m2
KindPackaging unitPackaging weight
paper industry wrapping1 t paper rolls4,5 kg
1 t A4 paper9,0 kg
paper industry cores1 t paper rolls4,5 kg
paper sacks1 pc0,2 kg

Note: The weight of cartons depends on whether it concerns aseptic packaging or the number of layers.

 Packaging unitPackaging weight
250 ml12,3 g
500 ml16,9 g
1000 ml27,6 g
1500 ml40,7 g
Packaging unitPackaging weight
125 ml6,0 g
200 ml8,5 g
500 ml16,5 g
1000 ml28,0 g
2000 ml40,0 g
KindPackaging unitPackaging weight
mini100 ml8,4 g
midi200 ml13,9 g
midi500 ml20,8 g
drinkable yoghurt330 ml17,1 g
KindPackaging unitPackaging weight
pastille box

20 g2,4 g
cigarette packet/flip-top20 kpl4,8 g
potato flour packet1 kg28,0 g
biscuit packet350 g filled biscuits24,0 g
oat flake packet1 kg40,0 g
washing agent packet1,5 kg dishwasher powder70,0 g
thin-crisp bread350 g32,0 g
ice cream packet1 l27,5 g
Finnish "mämmi" box + lid700 gyht. 42,5 g
chocolate box300 g50,0 g
 Packaging unitPackaging weight
sausage packaging5,0–8,0 g
broiler meatball packet40,0 g
plastic bagLD20,0 g
fruit bagHD4,0–10,0 g
yoghurt carton6,0–8,0 g
plastic bottle with closure3 l100,0 g
canister4 lfrom 140,0 g
pallet wrapping for FIN-palletfrom 200,0 g
plastic Transbox crateave. 2.77 kg
plastic sack25–40 kg100,0–200,0 g
bigbag500–1000 kg1,0–3,0 kg
sausage and cheese vacuum-pack / flow-pack5,0–8,0 g
sausage and sliced cheese MAP semi-rigid pack10,0–15,0 g
sausage and sliced cheese MAP resealable semi-rigid pack20,0–25,0 g
PP bread bag4,0 g
PE frozen vegetable packaging3,5 g
LDPE shopping bag20,0 g
yoghurt and thick sour milk cartons5,0–8,0 g
fat and salad pack with lid0,4–0,5 l16,0–20,0 g
meat packaging0,5–1,0 l20–30 g
HDPE bottle0,1 l12,0 g
HDPE bottle0,25 l20,0 g
HDPE bottle0,5 l
32,0 g
HDPE bottle1,0 l
40,0 g
HDPE bottle2,0 l72,0 g
PET bottle0,5 l32,0 g
PET bottle1,0 l
40,0 g
PET bottle1,5 l48,0 g
4-way entry quarter pallet max. 250 kg load capacity400 x 600 mm1,9 kg
plastic pallet max. 500 kg load capacity600 x 800 mm3,8 kg
plastic EUR pallet800 x 1200 mm5,5 kg
plastic FIN pallet1000 x 1200 mm6,5 kg
hygienic plastic EUR pallet flat deck, anti-slide features800 x 1200 mm18,0 kg
hygienic plastic EUR pallet fully closed for foodstuffs800 x 1200 mm18,0 kg
hygienic plastic FIN pallet fully closed for foodstuffs1000 x 1200 mm22,8 kg
KindPackaging unitPackaging weight g
liver casserole tray470 ml8,0
casserole tray850 ml14,0
catering traysn. 3 l44,0
crown cap2.0
pilferproof seal (wine or spirit bottle)2.0
43–58 mm6,0–7,0 g
66–82 mm10,0–18,0 g
glass jar twist lid (babyfood)51 - 53 mm
6.0 g
33 cl29,0 g
50 cl38,0 g
aerosol30.0 - 35.0 g
small65–73 mm57,0 g
tuna fish, pineapple84 mm65,0 g
processed meat can99 mm72,0 g
large 1 l99 mm113,0 g
cucumber/salad155 mm258,0 g
cucumber, beetroot 9 l218 mm570,0 g
cigar box-35,0 g
3 l380,0 g
10 l1140,0 g
20 l1550,0 g
50 l4500,0 g
60 l5,0 kg
200 l18,0 kg
200 l19.0 kg
Roller cage used in shops (plastic base)27,0 kg
Roller cage used in shops (metal base)29,0 kg
roller cage divided shelf2,9 kg
Wooden palletsLength x widthPackaging weight
stamped standard FIN pallet1200 x 1000 mm27,0 kg
stamped standard EUR pallet1200 x 800 mm23,0 kg
one-way FIN pallet1200 x 1000 mm17,0 kg
one-way EUR pallet1200 x 800 mm13,0 kg
one-way 3-foot pallet600 x 800 mm12,0 kg
one-way 2-foot pallet600 x 800 mm
11,0 kg
one-way 5-deckboard pallet800 x 1200 mm17,5 kg
one-way 6-deckboard pallet900 x 1200 mm18,5 kg
one-way 7-deckboard pallet1000 x 1200 mm19,5 kg


Do the regulations apply to a foreign importer and does this company have to report?

Producer responsibility for packaging concerns:

  1. A Finnish packer* or a foreign company’s Finnish branch*, which packs products for the Finnish market
  2. A Finnish importer* or a foreign company’s Finnish branch*, which operates as an importer of packed products to the Finnish market
  3. A foreign operator, established in another country than Finland and sells packed products directly to users in Finland through distance sales


the company has a total turnover of at least 1 M€

*the company has a Finnish business ID and is domiciled in Finland

**the company has a permanent establishment in Finland and is registered as a branch in the Trade Register maintained by the National Board of Patents and Registration