Sort your packaging – give it a new life as a raw material

Kierrätettäviä pakkauksia

You too can help minimise the environmental burden from household waste: when you sort and recycle your packaging waste at Rinki eco take-back points according to our instructions, your efforts will not be wasted. The packaging waste that you sort is used as raw material in the production of new products, i.e. it is recycled.

Recycling saves energy and natural resources by reducing the need to use completely new material to make products.

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Recycling carton packaging

How is carton packaging recycled?

Recycling glass packaging

How is glass packaging recycled?

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Recycling metal

How is metal recycled?

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Recycling plastic packaging

How is plastic packaging recycled?

Good packaging reduces waste and ensures that recycling also works efficiently

The most important purpose of packaging is to give the best possible protection to products during transportation, on the shop floor, and all the way home. A well-packed product is better for the environment than an unpacked product that ends up going to waste. The environmental impact of packaging is low in industries such as food production. Read more at:

Once the packaging has done its job, it becomes waste. When you sort and bring your packaging to a Rinki eco take-back point, you’ll help the environment and do your bit to combat climate change. The packaging is recycled and the material can be reused.

Quite a lot of packaging is recycled in Finland: more than 70% of all packaging waste is already recycled, so Finns have clearly adopted sorting as part of their everyday lives.

Companies who bear producer responsibility are responsible for recycling packaging in Finland. Packaging materials that enter the Finnish market with products must be recycled, i.e. they must be reused in the production of new products.