Turning carton packaging into raw material

Carton taken to a Rinki eco take-back point is transported to a warehouse for baling. The bales are transported to a carton mill to be used as raw material, and carton fibre as well as plastic and aluminium coatings are separated from the carton.

Recycled carton is used as material for corrugated cardboard, packaging cardboard, envelopes, laminated paper and various types of cores.

The coating removed from carton fibre is mainly plastic. The coating is dried and taken to a power plant for energy production. Some of the aluminium coating in the carton packaging is separated and recycled as a raw material for new products.

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How carefully do I need to clean carton packaging?

Remove any food as carefully as possible so that no food remains on the packaging. Drain milk or other liquid from the carton. Rinse the packaging quickly with cold water. Please allow the packaging to dry out a little before placing it into the take-back container.

Why do I have to flatten carton packaging and put them into one packaging? It’s too much trouble.

Carton packaging, such as cardboard boxes, is light but takes up a lot of room in a container. In order to avoid transporting fresh air, it is a good idea to flatten the packaging. The smaller the packaging that is placed in the container, the more waste the container can hold. This means that more packaging can be transported in one go, and this reduces the number of transport journeys.
So in the long run, it is worth flattening the packaging as this small effort saves emissions from transport.

Where should I put the plastic top of the milk carton?

Please remove it and place it with plastic packaging waste or into a container for mixed waste. Mixed waste is used for energy production in Finland.

Can I place wrapping paper, ribbons and bows into the carton container?

No, you cannot. Wrapping paper contains a lot of ink and coating, and for this reason it is not suitable for recycling with carton or paper. Put wrapping paper into the container for mixed waste material.
Tip: keep wrapping paper that is in good condition so you can reuse it.