Packaging sorting instructions for households

It’s easy to sort packaging! Do you have packaging? Is it made of glass, metal, carton or plastic? Bring it to a Rinki eco take-back point!

When you sort packaging according to our instructions, that packaging will provide useful material for recycling.

Sorting is an eco-deed! Recycling packaging saves energy and natural resources, and reduces the need to use new material to make products.

Check the material-specific packaging waste sorting instructions below.

kartonkipakkausten lajittelu

Carton packaging

How to sort carton packaging

Glass packaging

How to sort glass packaging

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Metal packaging

How to sort metal packaging

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Plastic packaging

How to sort plastic packaging


How carefully should I wash glass bottles and jars?

It is enough to rinse them quickly with cold water, for example to remove the last bits of jam from the jar. You do not need to wash them thoroughly.

Can I put a deodorant bottle made of glass into the glass packaging container? And what should I do with the plastic cap?

Glass deodorant bottles are often made of opal glass, also known as milk glass. A lot of other cosmetic products are packed in opal glass. This material is not suitable for recycling, and it cannot be put into the container for glass packaging. You can put the top with plastic packaging waste or into a container for mixed waste.

Can I put cough medicine bottles and other glass packaging bought at a pharmacy into the glass packaging collection?

Yes, but return them empty and without the cap. Labels and rings left from the cap do not need to be removed.