Nation-wide sorting guidelines for packaging now also available in Ukrainian

Author: Rinki Published: 31.08.2022

Rinki’s sorting instructions for plastic, carton and glass packaging and metal, which apply everywhere in Finland, are now also available in Ukrainian. You can download the sorting instructions at the end of this article.

Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd has had the nation-wide sorting instructions for packaging materials, i.e. glass, plastic, metal and carton, translated into Ukrainian.

“Rinki aims to make the sorting of packaging as easy as possible for consumers. We also want to serve the growing number of Ukrainians living in Finland,” says Rinki’s Communications Manager Heli Satuli.

The sorting instructions are easy to save on your computer. They can also be printed and distributed to other people in a block of flats or attached to the kitchen wall.

The sorting instructions are also available in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian and Northern Sámi.

Sorting is an eco-action

In Finland, Rinki is the organisation that provides the official sorting instructions for packaging materials. Since the instructions apply nationwide, they are the same from Hanko to Utsjoki. They make sorting easy for everyone in the family. More sorting tips are available at Rinki’s sorting school: Rinki’s sorting school.

Recycling is a small but important everyday eco-action that we can all do.
It ensures that used packaging goes back to circulation. Recycling saves energy and natural resources, and the need to use new materials to make products is reduced.

Nation-wide sorting instructions for glass, metal, carton and plastic can be downloaded and printed in Ukrainian from the link below.

Sorting instructions for carton in Ukrainian

Sorting instructions for plastic in Ukrainian

Sorting instructions for metal in Ukrainian

Sorting instructions for glass in Ukrainian

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