Bulletin for firms: Changes to the packaging data declaration form, submission of the data and customer satisfaction survey

Dear Rinki customer,

This bulletin provides information about the changes to the packaging data declaration form due to come into force in 2019, the submission of the form as well as the customer satisfaction survey to be conducted in November.

Changes to the packaging data declaration form

A few changes will be made to the packaging data declaration form. Due to the more detailed data requirements, the form will contain new rows for plastic packaging, while the rows for deposit beverage packaging will be removed. The amended form will be introduced at the beginning of 2019, when customers submit the 2018 data to Rinki. Changes to the form:

  1. From the beginning of 2019, only non-deposit packaging will be reported to Rinki, which is the reason for the removal of the rows for deposit beverage packaging. The old form contained separate rows for deposit beverage packaging made of plastic, metal and glass.
  2. The rows for plastic packaging for consumers will be used for declaring conventional and biodegradable plastic packaging as well as conventional and biodegradable shopping bags and small bags. Conventional plastic packaging refers to non-biodegradable plastic packaging, including bio-based plastic packaging that is not biodegradable.
  3. The rows for wooden packaging will be more specific. The row for FIN pallets will be used for stamped FIN pallets (100 x 120 cm) that conform to the standard, and the EUR/EPAL pallet row will be used for stamped EUR/EPAL pallets (80 x 120 cm) that conform to the standard.

Please read instructions: Declaration form filling-in instructions 2019

Please read also our 2019 price list: Price list 2019

You can submit the packaging data quickly and easily on the Extranet

The easiest way to submit the form is to send it through our Finnish Extranet service extranet.rinkiin.fi. You can submit the 2018 packaging data from the beginning of January, and the deadline is 28 February 2019. We will send you a reminder by email in early January. Please note that we ceased to post printed forms for packaging data last year.

In addition to submitting your packaging data, you can use the Extranet service to update other information such as your billing address. Please inform us of any changes to the details of your company or contact person.

You can also contact our customer service team about any changes: tel. +358 9 6162 3500 or email info@rinkiin.fi. Our customer service team will be happy help you with any questions concerning the submission of the packaging data.

Customer satisfaction survey in November

We will conduct a customer satisfaction survey in November and would like to see our customers participate actively. Customer feedback is important to us so that we can improve our operations and services to better meet our customers’ requirements. The survey will be carried out by our partner Innolink, and you will receive a link to the survey by email. It will take about 5 minutes to complete the survey.