Bulletin for firms: New terms of contract

The terms of contract concerning the transfer of  producer responsibility for packaging to producer organisations via Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd  have been revised. The new terms of contract replace the terms dated 1 November 2015 and are valid from 2 March 2016 until further notice. No action is required from firms as a result of the changes made. Unless a firm give notice to terminate its previous contract within one month of the sending of this notice, we will consider firm to have accepted these new terms of contract.

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The following changes have been made to the terms:

1. Terminology has been updated in accordance with legislation and the scope of transfer of producer responsibility

Because of an amendment to legislation applying to producer responsibility for packaging, the terminology in the terms of contract has been updated accordingly. The word ”packer” has been replaced by the word ”producer” and the term ”producer data register” has been replaced by the term ”producer register”. In addition, the references to the law in points 3 and 5 have been updated to apply to current legislation and that in force at any given time. Point 3 also defines the scope of the transfer of producer responsibility: The producer is responsible for the packaging properties and markings to which packaging is subject by legislation.

2. Correction to packaging information and invoices and refunds of payments made

Point 8 of the terms of contract has been updated to include a deadline within which any errors in packaging information can still be corrected. Any correction to invoices or refunds of payments made may also be made within the same timeframe. The reason for the deadline is to ensure producer organisations have access to as reliable information as possible when determining the amount of recycling fees to be charged each year.

In addition to the above, the expression concerning the validity of the contract has been revised in point 14 of the terms of contract. Point 14 has also been amended in respect of the producer’s obligations when reporting packaging information and making payments after notice has been given to terminate the contract.

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