Bulletin for firms: Producer responsibility fees for packaging in 2019

Recycling fees for packaging 2019

Producer organisations in the packaging sector have determined their recycling fees, specific to the different packaging materials, for 2019.

2018 2019
€/ton €/ton
FIBRECorrugated cardboard packaging for consumers9,509,00
Corrugated cardboard packaging for firms9,509,00
ndustrial wrapping and sacks14,5014,50
Industrial cores14,5014,50
Carton and paper packaging52,0047,00
Carton liquid packaging96,0096,00
PLASTICPlastic packaging for consumers35,0030,00
Plastic packaging for firms35,0035,00
METALAluminium packaging for consumers130,00130,00
Aluminium packaging for firms28,0028,00
Tinplate packaging for consumers130,00 130,00
Tinplate packaging for firms28,0028,00
Steel packaging28,0028,00
GLASSGlass packaging (non-deposit)112,0098,00
WOODFIN, EUR and EPAL pallets, rental pallets, cable reels0,95 1,20
Other wooden pallets and other wooden packaging1,25 1,60

*) Value added tax is added to the fees.

Packaging for consumers comprises product packaging designed to end up with consumers or in households, such as retail sales packaging.

Packaging for firms means product packaging intended for use only in trade in industry or between enterprises as unit and transport packaging, and in transportation between industry and the retail trade. Packaging used for showcasing products in stores also comprises packaging for firms.

The recycling fee payable by a company will be based on the material-specific price list and the tonnes of packaging it used previous year. The 2018 packaging data must be submitted to RINKI Ltd by 28 February 2019. Rinki will email a reminder of the packaging data declaration to companies in January.

If a company is invoiced a material-specific recycling fee of more than EUR 10,000, Rinki will invoice it in two equal instalments so that the second one is due four months after the first, but not later than October 2019.

Registration and customer fees in 2019

Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd’s Board of Directors has decided on Rinki’s registration and customer fees for 2019.

Fee type
Fee * Unit
Customer fee1,6€/ton
Customer fee, minimum295€/year/contract
Customer fee, maximum4 500€/year/contract
Registration fee0€/company

*) Value added tax is added to the fees.

The customer fee invoicing will be based on the price list and the packaging quantities the company used the previous year. An annual minimum and maximum fee will be set for the customer fee invoicing (EUR/ton/contract).

Late declaration fee and estimate-based invoice for packaging data

According to the terms, companies must report to RINKI Ltd annually the packaging materials and quantities that it has used to pack its products and that it has placed on the market or imported together with its products. The 2018 packaging data must be submitted by 28 February 2019.

Reporting the packaging data is essential for the producer responsibility system to work as it directly affects the system’s financing, invoicing and operations. If a company submits the 2018 data after 28 February 2019, RINKI Ltd will collect a fee for the late declaration. The fee is EUR 200 (+VAT) for each delayed month or part thereof and it will be charged for a maximum of three months.

If the company has not submitted the 2018 packaging data by the end of May 2019, RINKI Ltd will invoice the late declaration fee and an estimate-based invoice. The invoice will be based on packaging data available to RINKI Ltd.

More information:

Material-specific recycling fees:

Mepak-Kierrätys Oy (metal packaging)
Satu Estakari, satu.estakari@mepak.fi, tel. +358 46 920 9700

Puupakkausten Kierrätys PPK Oy (wooden packaging)
Jukka Ala-Viikari, jukka.ala-viikari@puupakkauskierratys.fi, tel. + 358 400 802 896

Suomen Keräyslasiyhdistys ry (glass packaging)
Sari Hedayet, info@kerayslasiyhdistys.fi, tel. +358 50 367 9667

Suomen Kuitukierrätys Oy (fibre packaging)
Juha-Pekka Salmi, juha-pekka.salmi@kuitukierratys.fi, tel. +358 50 329 6211
Eija Jokela, eija.jokela@aaltopahvi.fi, tel. +358 40 723 7992

Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy (plastic packaging)
Vesa Soini, vesa.soini@uusiomuovi.fi, tel. +358 50 382 0644
Peter Rasmussen, peter.rasmussen@uusiomuovi.fi, tel. +358 50 434 5827

RINKI Oy’s registration and customer fees:
Customer service for companies, info@rinkiin.fi, tel. +358 9 6162 3500