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Check the packaging sorting instructions for households

Check the material-specific packaging waste sorting instructions below.

When you sort packaging according to the instructions, packaging go to the correct containers and the recycling process runs smoothly. Thank you for sorting!

Glass packaging


Carton packaging

Plastic packaging

Sorting is important

Every little act helps – even by one individual – so that recycling works as a whole efficiently and reasonably.

The more people who sort their waste correctly, the more good material we have for recycling. This reduces the need to use new material.

Correctly sorted waste makes recycling more efficient

Packaging waste material used for recycling must meet certain quality standards. Sorting the waste is important so that as much of the recycled material as possible is usable. Only packaging waste that is sorted correctly can be used as raw material for new products, i.e. recycled. Sorting is good for environment!

Recycling saves energy and natural resources. It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which are harmful for the environment, and the amount of waste taken to landfill.