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What is producer responsibility for packaging?

Producer responsibility for packaging applies to firms which pack products in Finland or import packed products for the Finnish market and which have a turnover of EUR 1 million or more.  

A firm which must meet producer responsibility packaging obligations is responsible for the entire process of collection and recycling of their packaging waste as well as all related costs. The law also stipulates the national targets for producer responsibility and the requirements for recycling and reusing packaging materials that must be implemented in Finland.

In addition to packaging, the Waste Act stipulates the producer responsibility for tyres of motor vehicles, cars, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators as well as paper products.

What kind of firms must meet the producer responsibility for packaging obligations?

The producer responsibility lies mainly with Finnish firms. The Pirkanmaan ELY Centre took the position that as of May 2015, a producer is deemed to be a firm that meets the following conditions:

  1. The firm has a Finnish business ID and at least one location on the mainland of Finland.

  2. The firm has a turnover of EUR 1 million or more in Finland.

  3. The firm packs products in Finland or is an importer of packed products for the Finnish market.

A foreign company or its affiliate that is registered at the Finnish Trade Register is under producer responsibility obligations if all the conditions mentioned above are fulfilled.

PLEASE NOTE: A Finnish firm is also under producer responsibility obligations in terms of packaging of products that it purchases from a foreign company, where that foreign company does not fulfil all the conditions mentioned above.

The earlier position concerning an importer of packed products was valid until 30 April 2015; whereby a firm that owns a packaged product at the moment of import is under producer responsibility obligations. Until the end of April 2015, an importer with producer responsibility may also be a firm that is registered abroad.

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